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Erik Erikson's Theory of Psychosocial Development Many psychologists and psychoanalysts have impacted the way human growth and development is viewed today. These psychologists and psychoanalysts developed theories that are being used every day in the health care profession. Various terms are used to describe Eriksons model, for example Eriksons bio psychosocial or biopsychosocial theory (bio refers to biological, which in this context means life); Eriksons human development cycle or life cycle, and variations of these.

Below is an essay on" Psychosocial Development Theory" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Erik Eriksons theory of psychosocial development is one of the bestknown The psychological theory of Erik Erikson is based not only on the age criteria, but also includes behavioral and social, mental and somatic components. Ericksons model represents the sequence of eight stages, including the development of crises that must be successfully resolved.

Eriksons Psychosocial Theory of Development Report Essay. The psychosocial theory of development was formulised by the German psychoanalyst Erik Erikson. His theory considers the impact of external factors, parents, and the society, on personality development from childhood to adulthood (Candida, 2010, p. 51). Erik Eriksons Theory of Psychosocial Stages Essay Sample. Erik Eriksons Theory of Psychosocial Development speaks of the stage of development, the conflicts faced during that period of development, the age when that certain conflicts occur, and last but not least, the major challenges that comes along with it (SparkNotes, 2006).

Key Elements of Eriksons TheoryErik Erikson believed that we develop in psychosocial stages versus psychosexual stages that Freud developed (Santrock, 2008, p. 23). The word psychosocial was Eriksons term that he derived from the words psychological meaning mind and social meaning relationship (Chapman, 2007). The concept of psychosocial development as expressed by Erikson is among the most renowned theories concerning personal dispositions in psychology.

His believe was that personality advances in stages and goes ahead to explain the influence of social knowhow through the entire lifespan. Erik Eriksons Theory of DevelopmentFreuds was called Psychosexual Theory of Personality DevelopmentEriksons is called Psychosocial Theory There are 8 Stages to a persons life At each stage, there are particular challenges to deal with If the challenge is overcome and resolved, no psychological Eriksons Theory of Psychosocial Development has eight distinct stages, each with two possible outcomes.

According to the theory, successful completion of each stage results in a healthy personality and successful interactions with others.

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