How to write a program in gwbasic

There are a lot of different ways you could do this, but since the program is not supposed to be written in QBasic, and you have to use writeln at the end of each line anyways, you could do it as follows: Print each number in successive order, fr BASIC Programming Beginning BASIC Your First Program.

Introduction If you slow the program down you can see the program write the message to the screen. Line 70 is then written to the screendisplay then Line Write gosub that strips blanks from the end of a string x. print the original length and the new length of the string. 2. Write a gosub that strips multiple blanks from a string, reducing them to single blanks. Strip all trailing blanks. Writing your Aug 14, 2010 QBASIC PROGRAMS 1)Write a program to enter your name and print it.

CLS Input 'Enter you name n write a single Qbasic program to compute the wage earned by an employee named paul who worked for a total of 68hrs 27mins. print out the name of the employee and the wage. Jun 17, 2011 This is a simple video which shows how to make a simple qbasic program. Some have difficulty learning to read and write and need the assistance of a special education program. Others learn more easily and.

To simplify this program, it will be assumed that the first number in the file is an integer which tells the program how many real data points follow.

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