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Abstract: David Lodge (1936) is highly respected and regarded as a critic and writer who is profilic in both fields in modern British. As a writer, David Lodge is mainly famous for his academic novels especially his Campus Trilogy: Changing Places, Small World and Nice Work in 7080 in the 20 century.

Nov 06, 1986  David Lodge Lodge, David Essay. Homework Help is looking even bleaker now in 1986 than it did when Zapp first visited earlier in David Lodges Changing Places.

Changing Places is David Lodges hilarious account of an academic exchange program which takes Philip Swallow, an obscure professor of English literature at an obscure redbrick university in England, to Lodges comic version of the Berkeley campus, which he renames Euphoric State. David Lodge, I suspect, had fun writing his 1975 novel Changing Places. Its a playful novel of two English professors Morris Zapp from the prestigious West Coast school, Euphoric State (think the University of California Changing Places (1975) was Lodges first book in a trilogy of campus novels, where he introduced the main story line.

The second book in the trilogy is Small World (1984) where the author further develops the story of two university professors, while Nice Work (1988) completes the trilogy. Changing Places (1975) is the first" campus novel" by British novelist David Lodge. The subtitle is" A Tale of Two Campuses"and thus both the title and subtitle are literary allusions to Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities.

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