Can you round gpa on resume

The less time you spend worrying about minutiae like whether or not to round up your GPA or whether or not to include your study abroad coursework on your resume, the more time you have to spend on crafting outstanding essays, one of the most important elements of why some people are admitted to their dream schools while others are not.

Listing Your GPA on Your Resume. Listing Your GPA on Your Resume. list it as your" Major GPA" on your resume. You can list both if they are above 3. 0 and your major GPA is at least three tenths higher than your overall GPA.

If your university does not calculate your major GPA, you can do it on your own with a calculator or simple Jun 25, 2010 Unethical to round to the hundredths on a resume? Are you fucking kidding me? Let's say OP rounds to 3. 3. This means that the GPA he represents on his resume is.

005 higher than it actually is. If you major GPA is higher than your overall GPA you should include that as well (or instead of your overall GPA). Additionally, you may wonder, can you round up GPA on your resume? The short answer is yes, but only if you disagree and feel it is somehow equivalent to" cheating" then i can respect that, so go ahead and just don't round.

just do what you feel is right and appropriate for the resume's purpose. again, whatever gets you to the interview room. Jul 03, 2007  Resumes rounding GPAs, major GPA vs overall GPA? GPA. i. If you can round up to 1 decimal, round up. you don't need your GPA on your resume I wanted to know what people thought of rounding my GPA in this manner on my resume. I've been reading on other sites, and it seems like people are split between rounding to the nearest tenth and hundredth on your resume.

If you have to send in transcripts and they see your GPA isn't exactly what you have on your resume, you Jan 14, 2010 For resumes that I send out on my own, outside of my school's career services channels (which do have their own rules, requiring 3 decimal places on the GPA), would it be acceptable to round my GPA to 3. 60? Having a 3. 9 GPA is already very impressive, but rounding it to 4. 0 may harm you more than help you. A 3. 95 is almost equally as impressive, and someone reviewing your resume and transcripts might wonder what your thought process was in adding the extra five hundredths of a point.

A 3. 44 GPA doesnt magically become a 3. 45 GPA (unless its something like a 3. ; but then you still might want to truncate. ) You can read more about putting education on your resume here. Jul 13, 2011 You will not make it in banking if you can't resolve a simple rounding problem on your own. I make no apologies for being blunt. People tend to think life is a race with other people.

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