Quantitative methods coursework

(assessment: coursework and projectdissertation) The module is designed to provide students with a solid grounding in the proper application of multivariate data analysis methods, and an appreciation of their role in the study of contemporary society. The course is comparable to a university level introductory course on quantitative research methods in the social sciences, but has a strong focus on research integrity.

We will use examples from sociology, political sciences, educational sciences, communication sciences and psychology. AS Level in Quantitative Methods (MEI) an overview This highly relevant specification gives students the mathematical skills to tackle problems in a variety of different real and realistic contexts. Measurement and Quantitative Methods: Focus is on advanced statistics, measurement, and research methods.

Students complete elective coursework in areas such as Therefore, the MQM requires only 15 credits of quantitative coursework.

Six credits are earned by successful completion of the 1st year quantitative psychology sequence (PSYC ) which is required of all graduate students in the department. Students then must successfully complete three additional courses (nine credits) Quantitative Methods Program overview. Faculty in the Quantitative Methods (QM) program train students in stateoftheart statistical methods and engage in research that develops and applies such methods.

Quantitative research methods are concerned with empirical research, this is designed for statistical analysis. Qualitative research methods on the other hand are not. Instead they enable researchers to study social and cultural phenomena. coursework needed to pursue a particular certificate or licensure.

In these cases, however, students will need to take coursework (e. g.practicum or internship courses required for certification or licensure) in addition to that Measurement, Quantitative Methods, & Learning Sciences Ph. D. Program

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