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ALLEGORY AND SATIRE ON ANIMAL FARM BY GEORGE ORWELL Sana Nawaz, Iqra Jabeen, Tanzeela Rao, Abida Bibi, Fatima Afzal& Saba Sadaqat ANALYSIS Animal farm is a political satire as it satires the Russian revolution know as Bolshevik revolution Critical Essay on Russian Revolution in 2013.

POLITICAL SCIENCE CIA II An evaluation of George Orwells critique of communism in Animal Farm BOOK DETAILS: My copy of Animal Farm was obtained by an online purchase of the book. The name of the publisher is Rupa Publications India and the year of publication is 2010.

Animal Farm: Critical Essay In the era of the Russian Revolution George Orwell wrote the fable known as Animal Farm to highlight the events and outcome of the revolution. Orwell symbolises iconic figures during the revolution through the use of farm animals such as pigs, cows and donkeys.

Get free homework help on George Orwell's Animal Farm: book summary, chapter summary and analysis, quotes, essays, and character analysis courtesy of CliffsNotes. Animal Farm is George Orwell's satire on equality, where all barnyard animals live free from their human masters' tyranny. Of George Orwells six novels, the two most famous, Animal Farm and Nineteen Eightyfour (1949), were both written during the decade preceding his death. This animal fable is a political allegory of the Russian Revolution.

Animal Farm George Orwell Book Review# Plot Summary George Orwells Animal Farm is a political satire of a totalitarian society ruled by a mighty dictatorship, in all probability a fable for the events surrounding the Russian Revolution of 1917. Theme analysis. Animal Farm is a story written shortly and concisely with no use of figurative language.

It is an insightful book that revolves around issues of equality and political freedom that were a significant problem in the Russian Soviet in the mid1940s. George Orwells political fable Animal Farm portrays a reenactment of the Russian Revolution, with major characters cast as farm animals and communism renamed Animalism. True to the historical story, the aristocratic players manipulate the proletariat, deluding them with illusions of dignity and improved living conditions, while Animal Farm is regarded as a successful blend of political satire and animal fable.

Completed in 1944, the book remained unpublished for more than a year because British publishing firms declined to offend the country's Soviet allies. The story of Animal Farm is a political allegory of the situation of the communist Soviet Union.

The author of the story George Orwell attempts to describe the events of the communist Russia and the bloody Revolutions through

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