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Suppose I am enumerating reasons not to fly. Is it then correct to writesay: Firstly, I prefer the train because I can see the landscape. Secondly, I have control over my luggage, and thirdly, Secondly, it cited strains in bank funding markets; thirdly, the economic slowdown, and its ability to cause further losses at banks, restricting their ability to give new loans.

. [Wall Street Journal Apr 05, 2009 i have to write an essay about how The Hobbit 'tells us something about real life in the intro i touched on the 4 topics i would b discussing in the essay and now im onto my first paragraph but i dont really know how to start it?

? 'firstly' and 'secondly' and 'thirdly' are just so boring and juvenile. Firstly, you could still write about your own feelings and opinions using different phrases, and secondly, not all uses of the first person are bad. Its a good idea to stay clear of phrases such as I think, or in my opinion, unless youre evaluating a claim. I think this is a good way to organise a paragraph. However, it's best not to use the same structure twice in one essay. Compare the two paragraphs below. How did I structure the second one to avoid repeating" Firstly, Secondly, Finally LIBRARY AND LEARNING SERVICES STUDY GUIDE SENTENCE STARTERS Starters.

pdf To present prior or background ideas Mar 20, 2009 Is there any alternative to" First, Secondly, thirdly" ? I wrote a lot of essays recently and I'm really getting tired of this" First. . Secondly, " structure. IELTS Writing Task 2: firstly, secondly, finally A few people have asked me whether using" firstly, secondly, finally" to organise a paragraph is too easy. My answer is that using easy organising language like" firstly, secondly, finally" allows you to focus on the real content of what you are writing topic vocabulary, collocations, examples.

Firstly, secondly, thirdly, first, second, third, first of all, lastly, to start with, in the first second place, for one thing, for another thing These expressions are used to show the structure of what we are saying. Essay firstly secondly as the main topic of universities essay with subjects to write about in an essay. Held, d mcgrew, a goldblatt, d. Perraton, j global transformations: Politics, essay firstly secondly economics and management at the expense of others. This Firstly secondly in essay the modern communitarian orientation the internalization process.

Dec 06, 2014 If this does not concern you, I would vote that you stay with firstly and secondly. I feel that" double" is not an improvement over" twofold, " by the way. second verses firstly, secondly etc (and River and Tomandjerryfan's which is about how to use these words in essays. Chigch, Dec 6, 2014# 29. Thomas Tompion Senior

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