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Allama Iqbal Stamps Society was established for the promotion of Iqbaliyat in philately and in other hobbies. His son Javid Iqbal has served as a justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Javaid Manzil was Iqbal's last residence. Dr. Allama Mohammad Iqbal is our Greatest poet of the Muslim, Philosopher and the active Political leader whose played mail roll to independence of Pakistan.

He was born on the 09 November 1877 at Sialkort Punjab. Urdu 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Home; Privacy Policy; Contact; loading AllamaeIqbal A l l ama Iqbal Is The Sky Yo urs or Mi n e? Muhammad Iqbal,was a poet of Urdu and Farsi, philosopher, sufi, and revolutionary, who combined in his w orks the 350 Words; 2 Pages; Iqbal And Pakistan The Advent of Pakistan By Kalim Ahmed The mood of postindependent India was Allama Muhammad Iqbal was born on 9th November 1877 in Sialkot.

After seeking early education, he was admitted to the Government College Lahore, where he obtained the degree of MA in the subject of philosophy. He left for England for higher studies in 1905.

Allama Iqbal was not a mere poet, in fact he was a great Philosopher and Thinker, a geopolitical analyst, and a visionary. To be more precise, he was mystic poet a saint who was assigned the task to alter the lives of Muslims through his poetry. English Essay on Our National Poet (Dr. Allama Iqbal) Our national poet, Allama Iqbal, is the creator of the idea of Pakistan.

He is also called the poet of the East and the champion of the Islamic thought. Apr 04, 2013 Allama Iqbal has left valuable and voluminous treasures of Poetry and Prose after him. The following are famous poetic works of Iqbal: Israr Khudi (1915), RamuzeBekhudi (1918) PaighameMashriq (1923), Javed Nama (1932) and Musafir (1934) are his great works in Persian. Feb 16, 2012  Allama Iqbal was not only a great poet ut also a great philosopher. He was well versed in eastern as well as western philosophy.

He spent much part of his life in study of Islam. He also took part in active politics. He bcame member of Punjab legislative council from 1926 to 1929. He was elected President of the All India Allama Iqbal Essay 2 1971 Words Mar 23rd, 2011 8 Pages Allama iqbal essay main points Mohammad Iqbal, better known as Allama (scholar) Iqbal, is a unanimously celebrated poet and thinker all over the state of Pakistan.

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