Cover letter for molecular biology position

Jan 22, 2012 Hi all, I am looking for a PhD position in biology. As normal, I have to write a cover letter. My English is not very well. So, please help me to correct my letter. Thank you in advance, you guys.

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Our expertwritten cover letter examples will help you create an eyecatching cover letter, wow employers, and WIN the job faster. I am seeking a position in molecular biology and would like to be considered by your company NanoBio Corporation.

Attached you will find my resume for both your convenience and perusal. I have a bachelors of science degree in molecular biology and have worked in a lab setting for many years. Molecular Biologist Cover Letter Molecular Biologists perform various studying pertaining to biochemical processes within living cells. They are deeply involved in handson laboratory support and operations, including instrument maintenance, database management, and team collaboration.

Molecular biologist sample cover letter This free sample cover letter for a molecular biologist has an accompanying molecular biologist sample resume and sample molecular biologist job advertisement to help you put together a winning job application. While writing a molecular biologist cover letter, one needs to remember a few important points: Your name, address, contact number and email address should be mentioned right in the beginning of the letter.

Any other personal details like fax number, landline number etc. may be included in the letter too. An eligible cover letter sample for Biologist usually mention job skills and qualifications such as: An interest in areas such as medicine, conservation, agriculture, and environment protection Practical scientific skills Examples of cover letters for a research technician position, with advice on what to include, and tips for writing an effective cover letter for a job.

The match. An effective cover letter doesn't just emphasize your best qualities; it also shows how well those qualities are likely to mesh with the open position. Your cover letter should be written in the same basic format as a business cover letter. An academic cover letter is typically two pages compared to a single page for nonacademic letters.

Heres an example of the appropriate format for a cover letter and guidelines for formatting your letters.

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