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A crop circle is a sizable pattern created by the flattening of a crop such as wheat, barley, rye, maize, or Cash Crops of Pakistan Essay" The crops which are Rice is the second best cash crops of Pakistan.

It is grown in Punjab, Sind And N. W. F. P. Fine quality of rice, like Basmati is exported in Malaysia and others European countries Sugarcane is an important cash crop of Pakistan, occupying about 896, 100 ha in: 536, 200 ha in Punjab; 255, 300 ha in Sindh; and 104, 000 ha in NWFP. In Punjab and NWFP, the area under sugarcane has remained static since.

Pakistan's largest food crop is wheat. In 2005, Pakistan produced 21, 591, 400 metric tons of wheat, more than all of Africa (20, 304, 585 metric tons) and nearly as much as all of South America (24, 557, 784 metric tons), according to the FAO. [8 Pakistans economy and wheat is the countrys most important agricultural commodity. It is grown by 80 percent of the farmers, more than four million, on close to 40 percent of the cropped area, contributing roughly a quarter of the total crop sector value Wheat cash crop of pakistan essay The major cash crops of Pakistan are cotton, rice, tobacco, fruits and oil seeds.

These crops are exported to foreign countries. With the help of cash crops, the country has been earning huge foreign exchange. Cash Crops of Pakistan. The main crops of Pakistan are classified into food crops and nonfood crops. The food crops include wheat, rice, maize, coarse grains, grams and other pulses.

The cash crops are cotton, sugarcane, tobacco, mustard and sesame. The total area, yield and production of each crop is now discussed under separate heads. (A) A crop that is grown for sale rather than for personal use by the grower or cultivator. Cash Crops in India The cash crops in India can be divided into three groups, viz.

(1) Fibers, (2) Drugs and Beverages, and (3) Oilseeds. Sep 10, 2012 Crop ProductionProduction Technology of Carrots (Daucus carota) in Pakistan. Welcome to PakAgriFarming PakAgriFarming is commited to high standards in extension of agriculture in Pakistan through simple and factual information and topics related to the hottest issues in Pakistan Agriculture.

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2013 epaper live tv dawnnews urdu category of south asia, sugarcane. A cash crop or profit crop is an agricultural crop which is grown to sell for profit. It is typically purchased by parties separate from a farm. The term is used to differentiate marketed crops from subsistence crops, which are those fed to the producer's own livestock or grown as food for the producer's family. From an absolute value perspective, the worlds most valuable cash crop is cannabis as well.

It is followed by rice, maize, and then wheat. Original graphic from: Information is Major exports or cash crops of Pakistan are wheat, rice and cotton. 9. 8 billion Bales of cotton are produced per year. Rice crop is produced 4. 3 million ton per year. These agricultural commodities are exported to various countries against foreign exchange.

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