How to write a mootools class

Actually a slideshow exactly like this was my very first own created Mootools class: ) still using it on alot of new projects George Dawson Thanks for sharing your slide show.

It allows you to write powerful and flexible code with its elegant, well documented, and coherent APIs. MooTools code is extensively documented and easy to read, enabling you to extend the functionality to match your requirements. Open Source License. A simple MooTools Class example. CSS sprites with MooTools A MooTools version of an article published on A List Apart about CSS sprites using jQuery. Swiff Explains what is the Swiff class and how it can be used to make flash elements communicate with JavaScript.

Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged mootools or ask your own question. The foundation of the MooTools framework is really in the prototypal inheritance model of JavaScript. In classical languages, like C or Java, a class represents something like a data type or what Jeff Mott called a" blueprint.

" These blueprints are then used in the creation of objects. Even so, dont be naive and write code that wont outlive mootools 1. x without a lot of changes. In conclusion, things are looking up for MooTools it is headed in the right direction, even if slowly. In this MooTools will allow you to write succinct and elegant JavaScript within an intuitive framework. In the tutorial, were going to auto caption images onthefly using a bit of MooTools magic. Together, were going to write a simple script that will: Select all images with the class of captioned, Take its title attribute or alt attribute and Display it right MooTools AjaxXHR classes provides developers a much simpler way of working with XMLHTTPRequests by reducing the amount of code you have to write and by handling browser differences for you.

This tutorial talks about the Ajax and XHR classes in brief. When creating a MooTools class, take a step back and think" what can I take out of this class to make it more flexible?

" The less specific a plugin is, the more flexible and usable the class can be. For that specific use, extend your scaledback class. Less Dependencies, More Use. One advantage of using MooTools is that it's highly Browsers with native HTMLElement support, such as Safari, Firefox, and Opera, apply all the Element Methods to every DOM element automatically.

Because MooTools detects if an element needs to be extended or not, this function may be called on the same Element many times with no ill effects.

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