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Gordan Allport (1934) identified both the idiographic and nomothetic approaches to personality testing. This essay will concentrate solely on the nomothetic approach and attempt to identify both the strengths and limitations when Personality. The psychometric approach to the study of personality compares individuals in terms of traits or dimensions common to everyone. This is a nomothetic approach and two examples are Hans Eysencks type and Raymond Cattells 16PF trait theories. Sep 30, 2011 A key debate, is the one between the two research methods: nomothetic and idiographic.

The debate concerns which method of enquiry is more important and which would allow greater and more valid investigation into the field of psychology. Home A Level and IB Psychology Discuss the Idiographic and Nomothetic debate Discuss the Idiographic and Nomothetic debate essay on the idiographic vs nomothetic debate in PSYB4 Psychology Topics Idiographic.

Group(s): Issues& Debates Key Terms; Print page. Share: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin Share on Google Share by email. " Issues& Debates Idiographic and Nomothetic Approaches" Revision Webinar Resource Pack. Added to your Shopping Cart! Social psychology: Milgram e.

g. used the nomothetic approach and made general conclusions on the basis of his research. We will write a custom essay sample on Idiographic versus nomothetic approaches to psychology specifically for you Topics: Psychology, Essay on A Balance Between Nomothetic and Idiographic Approaches Are Needed for a Complete Study of Psychology A balance between nomothetic and idiographic approaches is needed for a complete study of psychology.

Discuss this statement. Nomothetic and Idiographic: Two Approaches to Personality. The Nomothetic and Idiographic approaches tackle Personality Psychology from opposing Idiographic vs nomothetic essay topics. Personality psychologists study something that is supposedly unique to each of us, yet also something we all have.

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