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Daily homework assignments will not be accepted late. Class supplies needed: Index cards (use the small size or the larger ones may be cut in half), dry erase pen, red pen, pencils, notebook paper, and a section in your 3 ring binder designated for Spanish, box of tissue& hand sanitizer (for the classroom).

Lauren Corso from AF Elm City Middle School Location: 5th Grade Literature Description: During this unit, scholars will be reading the novel Esperanza Rising and analyzing the events and characters throughout. Supply Lists. Find out what you need for the new school year! Lesson 2Analyzing Esperanza. Lauren Corso from AF Elm City Middle School.

Location: Esperanza Rising Objective: SWBAT collect and record the thoughts and words of Esperanza in order to write a narrative journal entry. St. Patrick School Directory Class Pages Middle School Mrs. Salazar Spanish Homework. Homework. Homework 6618 61, 62 Guatemala Reading Comprehension Homework 61, 62 I will be offering review after school for 7th and 8th grade on Tuesday the 29th so please send in a note if you are staying.

Stargate Middle School Spanish At Home PracticeHomework Guidelines. Expand vocabulary visit other websites supplied on the Middle School Lesson page and the Spanish Vocabulary page start learning new vocabulary you have not studied before. Illustrate the vocabulary Draw, color and write word in Spanish for 1015 vocab To help you prepare for the test, the review documents that will be covered in class on Monday and Tuesday are attached.

You will be able to use all of your notes from the whole semester as well as the pronounar verb foldable we made in class. FREE Printable Spanish 1 per week! Please visit the Printable Spanish Home Page to see Todays FREEBIE! You can get everything on this page plus all the old Premium printables practice and develop your Spanish language skills are: 1) Quizlet.

comdigital flash card maker and practice 2) of Spanish grammar, verbs, and

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