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AT& T Cingular Wireless. AT& T Cingular Wireless American Telephone and Telegraph Company or now known as AT& T started the history of the telephone in the United States, which goes back to 1875 and was founded by the telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell and two other men, Gardiner Hubbard and Thomas Sanders.

Feb 18, 2004  TERM DEBT RATINGS OF SBC AND BELLSOUTH TO A2, Defendant, Cingular Wireless, LLC (Cingular), provides cellular telephone service conditions are spelled out on a single, legalsize sheet of paper in In October 26, 2004 the Justice department approved the 41 billion merger of Cingular wireless LLC and AT& T wireless services Inc; this merger required the combined company to sell off assets in eleven states in order to satisfy antitrust concerns, such as airwave licenses, customer contracts and other assets.

See the related transaction in Docket Cingular Wireless and TMobile USA, Inc. seek FCC consent to assignment of licenses and AT& T Wireless The objective of this paper is to complete a situational analysis of at& T Wireless (also known of as at& T Mobility), specifically focusing on the environmental factors, broader industrywide trends, and a SWOT analysis of the company.

Cingular and AT& T Merger Synopsis Cingular Wireless bought and merged with AT& T Wireless Services in 2004 creating the largest wireless provider in the United States. This is part of an ongoing effort to consolidate the deregulated communications market, particularly bringing back the Baby Bells into the AT& T fold.

Cingular's Blackberry Wireless EMail This Essay Cingular's Blackberry Wireless EMail and other 64, 000 term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on ReviewEssays. com. Autor: review November 28, 2010 Essay 306 Words (2 Pages) 590 Views Cingular's annual revenue for 2003 was 14. 7 billion and is currently the second largest wireless company in the United States with more than 35, 000 employees.

In 1994, AT& T entered the wireless business by acquiring McCaw Communications for 11. 5 billion. Cingular Wireless was added to the directory by a user on November 26, 2013. doxo is a secure, allinone bill pay service enabling payments to thousands of billers. doxo is not an affiliate of Cingular Wireless. (Cingular, att Wireless merge after clearing last hurdle) Postmerger, through blending the optimum features of at& T and Cingular, the new Cingular will

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