Bucherer hydantoin synthesis essay

The major product obtained when the Bucherer conditions for hydantoin synthesis were applied to diacetyl monooxime was (3). Two minor products (7) and (9) are related to (3) but a third, the imidazole 1oxide (10), is not. In 1929, Bergs reported by patent that 5substituted hydantoin could be synthesized by reacting aldehyde or ketone with potassium cyanide, ammonium carbonate, and carbon dioxide.

A few years later, a German chemist Bucherer reported The BuchererBergs hydantoin synthesis is the preparation of hydantoin from carbonyl compounds by treatment with 2 eq. potassium cyanide and 4 eq. ammonium carbonate or from the corresponding cyanohydrin and ammonium carbonate. This reaction is an example of the multicomponent reactions (MCRs).

see aticle for more reactions. Abstract. A twofeed flow approach with increased interfacial area of the biphasic reaction mixture and the lack of headspace enables almost quantitative conversions in a continuous BuchererBergs hydantoin synthesis within 32 minutes at 120 C and 20 bar even for unpolar starting materials.

hydantoin, XIII. The structure of XI11 was proven by alternate synthesis, elemental and spectracnalysis, and singlecrystal Xray analysis. The carbamate salt in water gave similar results.

The mechanism for the formation of the N While the end product of the BuchererBergs reaction is a hydantoin, the hydantoin can undergo hydrolysis to form an aminio acid. This is what is assumed in the example below. For comparison, the amino acid product for methyl hydantoin ( 3b), 5, 5diethyl hydantoin (3c), 5spirocyclopentyl hydantoin ( 3d), 5spirocyclohexyl hydantoin ( 3e) and 5spirocycloheptyl hydantoin (3f) were prepared in good yields through the BuchererBerg synthesis under microwave irradiation using a domestic microwave oven.

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