Essay on tv news channels in india

News channels are usually a main part of TV entertainment and there is no person who loves to watch TV can say that he never watches news. Also a person who lives in this world has to do something regarding gaining latest knowledge in miscellaneous fields.

Many channels like Star tv, Zee tv in hindi, sun tv in tamil, Asianet in Malayalam, Eenadu in kannada all started in India. All the major languages in India has a Television in their own language. Thus televisions created India in its own images the media industry was rich, booming and it was ready to compete on the world stage. Today there are about 160 TV stations all over India and there are at least 2 lakhs TV sets in Delhi alone.

Looking to India's requirements, it is by on means an ambitious programme. Translated into practice, it can fill an immensely useful purpose. Leading News Channels India News papers& in T he news papers and news channels in our nation influences the social political and economic system of india in a 824 Words 4 Pages The IndoAsian News Service (IANS) was established in 1986, initially to serve as an information bridge between India and its thriving diaspora in North America.

Today it is a fullfledged, 24 by 7 agencies putting out the realtime news from India, South Asia and news of interest to this region around the world. The Hindi news channel India TV ranks seventh on our list. Based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, this news channel was the brainchild of renowned personality Rajat Sharma and his wife, Ritu Dhawan. India Tv has received investment from Fuse Media which has over 1.

5 billion assets under management. India in the recent years has experienced the rise of more than fifty 24 hour satellite news channels, broadcasting news in 22 different languages. Indian had only one government controlled television network until private satellite networks came up and hyped up their presence.

Every media house, be it news channel, news paper, magazines etc. . All are managed by human beings and no human being is out of political circle of influence.

All media houses are controlled by either ruling parties or opposition parties.

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