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Your cover letter is where you explain yourself and catch the eye of the office. In your cover letter, be honest and explain that while you are a new grad, you are passionate about dental hygiene, patient care, and being a part of a team; then expand on that. Doug Perry, RDH Resume Coach. One hygienist recently asked if its okay to use the email message as a substitute for a dental hygiene cover letter. Yes, you can do that (and many do), but its not a best practice.

Apr 02, 2009 Dentist Cover Letter Sample for a New Graduate We are always looking for great ideas on what to write in a cover letter. New or soon to be graduates are definitely in need of substantive items to show they are not just the next runofthemill new grad.

Nov 05, 2009 Here is a detailed cover letter for a Dental Hygienist or also known as a Oral Hygienist. Their tasks are mainly on oral preventive care and requires a lot of interaction with dental patients, in assessing and evaluating the proper treatment plan for their dental needs. This is an actual letter (w some obvious edits) received for a new dental graduate.

I find that it covers areas not typically noted by some doctors. Make sure to highlight the key training you have receive. Tips to write a cover letter When applying to the dentist's clinic or a hospital for a dental hygienist position, the cover letter needs to have a standard business format. This is the format that is widely used for professional communication and job applications. Dental Hygienist, Family and Cosmetic Dentistry Delivered expert oral hygiene care to each patient.

Provided patients with preventative care techniques to ensure optimal dental health and personal wellbeing. A cover letter accompanies your resume in a job search and it serves as a personal communication between you and the employer. A wellwritten cover letter can boost your resume to the top of the pile, particularly when the competition is fierce Dental hygiene cover letter new grad a position. The two cover letters on this page are for a dental hygienist and a dental assistant.

Both applicants have professional work experience and are seeking employment in new dental clinics. Both cover letters have corresponding resumes on this website. 5 tips for creating a dental hygiene cover letter that gets you noticed. September 4, 2015. By Doug and Tracie Perry MS, RDH, shares five tips for helping you open up a new path for yourself in dental hygiene career alternatives.

Stay Connected. Related Articles. 5 reasons to attend a live continuing education course. Dental Hygienists are present in dentistry offices and provide basic dental care services. Responsibilities listed on a Dental Hygienist resume sample are cleaning patient's teeth, offering dental hygiene advice, identifying oral health issues, referring to the dentist when necessary, and sterilizing medical equipments and instruments.

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