How to write a sims 2 story

A lot of people choose to take pics first and write afterwards, and a lot of people choose to write the story first and take pics to complement it. Either way can work for you! Just choose what you feel most comfortable doing. Mainly, for me is to write down a long list of examples of each element of a story (i. e, like a long list of the type of setting, the character's personality, the plot elements, conflict, etc) and randomly pick a few to fabricate a story.

How can the answer be improved? Sep 08, 2007  so i am starting to make a sims 2 story, but i want it to be very realistic. in some stories i've seen on thesims2. com, the sims are at school and have chalkboards and all that jazz. or, the sims are standing really close Mar 27, 2018 Try to start off your story with a clean game. If you recently got The Sims 2 for PC for the first time, or reformatted your computer, this will work out well for downloaders, if you upload.

Don't have everything bad. You've just have to have some good moments in the family's life. Ancestors are cool. It's really the Sims' story, not mine, so I make the kind of Sim I want to make and then I set them free to wreak their own havoc! This worked really well with my Spelunker in TS3, who made for a far more hilarious story than I This is a list of all book types that authors can write in the Sims 3. Use it to help choose what types of books to write to maximize your profit.

For example, books like dramas can take a long time to write, yet provide relatively low profit from royalty checks compared to books of similar size. It make your story much easier to write because you already know what to do when writing.

There's also your approach which is my favorite, play and make up stories. This require a lot of imagination and a lot of screenshot. Aug 02, 2009 You get to name your novel and pick" plot options" which is basically just picking pictures and you also get to choose a cover. If your sim has to stop writing you should get the option to continue novel when you click on the computer. While some players used their own Sims for their own original stories, lots of others were built upon the games preexisting canon.

The Sims 2 expanded upon the world of the original Sims, skipping forward in time 25 years and adding two more neighborhoods. Maxis gave brief backstories for the previous games premade families and hinted at 1. Go to the official website of The Sims 3 and click on Movies& More, then click on Create a Story. 2. Click on the Backgrounds tab to select a background: click on Colors for solid backgrounds or Designs for various patterns. 3. Complete the Story Title field with the title for your Sims 3 story.


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