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The multimodal learning model explained why both are so important to me. I also quite successfully used American Sign Language as a tool in my studying. When I was doing straight memorization, I would sign what I was trying to remember. Kinesthetic Learning There are four types of learning styles which is visual, auditory, kinesthetic and reading and writing learners.

Kinesthetic learning is also referred to as tactile learning, this learning style consists of the person carrying out actual physical activity in order to learn, instead of listening to a verbal lecture or watching a SPECIAL PRICE! (Limited Time Only) VERSION This is the most practical tool you will find anywhere on the internet to help your students who struggle with reading on editing, revising and writing essays. Kinesthetic learning is a form of learning that involves a person learning by doing.

The student learns by actually carrying out an activity physically that shall enable them better understand the matter at hand. Kinesthetic learners short and longterm memories are strengthened by their use of movement. Classification Rita Dunn contends that kinesthetic and tactile learning are the same style. [3 Galeet BenZion asserts that kinesthetic and tactile learning are separate learning styles, with different characteristics.

Some kinesthetic learners find it difficult to sit still for long periods of time. Their brains are stimulated by physical movement or touch, so being sedentary can set up a situation where the brain stops absorbing information due to lack of physical stimulation. Kinesthetic learners tend to have a relatively short attention span when theyre studying. But this doesnt mean they shouldnt be doing just as much study as everyone else. They should break their study up into shorter periods, but also take shorter breaks.

Forcing a kinesthetic learner to study for an hour at a time can be counterproductive. Coupling the kinesthetic learning approach with this visual and auditory one results in a meaningful learning experience for a wide range of students. Melissa is the creator of The Reading and Writing Haven and a collaborative blogger on Teachwriting.

org. Some are visual learners, others auditory learners and others kinesthetic leaners. While visual learners learn mostly by means of graphs, charts and pictures, auditory learners on the other hand, learn by reading and listening to the lecturer.

5 Study Tips for Kinesthetic Learners September 9, 2013 By Law School Toolbox Team 11 Comments Were finishing our series on different learning styles and study habits by focusing on kinesthetic learners.

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