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Most nursing graduates have some experience in skilled nursing facilities and home health from clinical rotations. So if the new graduate is hired into these positions he or she will likely not need as much training as something totally new and different. Clinical Experience Many Nurse Recruiters like to see where and for how long you have done your clinical rotations as a nursing student. Make sure to include either the course name or the subject of your course, the name of the clinical site, and the number of hours and dates (Spring 2012 or FebMay, 2012) you served.

Nursing Student Resume Bachelors of Science in Nursing, GPA: 3. 95 CLINICAL EXPERIENCE Pediatrics Childrens Medical Center: Dallas, TX Fall 2012 Experience with JP drains, abscess drains, nasogastric tubes, Foley Catheters, rectal tubes Skills: Tells the hiring manager the general type of nursing care the candidate learned during student clinical experience.

Experience: Tells the hiring manager concrete examples of the types of care the Resume clinical experience nursing performed during the student clinical experience.

California RN and BSN nursing student offering a combination of diverse clinical experience, academic excellence, compassion, Resume clinical experience nursing and strong interpersonal skills. Dedicated to providing quality, costeffective and evidencebased care to help patients achieve optimal outcomes.

Writing Clinical Experiences and Other Work Experience While the resume should be heavily focused on medical specific educational and internship experiences, there is often room for notable nonmedical related work experiences as well.

4. Relevant NursingClinical Experience: Shows the employer what youve done, if possible, include more than the clinical experience required by your school.

5. Other Employment Experience: Includes employment outside of healthcare, but is important for the employer to know about. 6. I did not list any nursing school clinical rotations on my resume as a new grad. I had two rationales for not listing clinical experiences. (1) The vast majority of hiring managers do nor count it as experience, and (2) they could look at the graduation date on my resume and the slew of nonnursing jobs and easily figure out I was a new nurse.

A list of your clinical experiences that are common to most nursing students can then be attached to your resume as an additional page. That way, the employer has them available to see but they don't clutter up your resume and hide those" special things" that help make you stand out from the crowd.

Multifaceted, efficient and reliable RN with 10 years of customer service experience. Proficient in many clinical aspects, nursing theory and evidencebased practice. Diversified skill sets covering administrative support, computerized charting, critical thinking& task prioritization. Excellent interpersonal, communication and

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