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ETEC 500 Literature Review Free download as PDF File (. pdf), Text File (. txt) or read online for free. Examining students learning styles and motivations Literature Review: Web 2. 0 Tools and Writing in the EFL Classroom Sheza Naqi ETEC 500 Research Methodologies in Education Instructor: Dr. Janet McCracken University of British Columbia April 11, 2012 For the purposes of this literature review, web 2. 0 tools are defined as social software that allows for online discussions to take place, specifically blogs or wikis.

A blog is a frequently updated online journal that records entries in Reflection on my Research Proposal and Literature Review These two artifacts demonstrate the depth of learning I achieved during ETEC 500. It also shows learning about formal structures such as APA format when compared to my essay on the history of educational technology written for ETEC 511. ETEC 500 is a required course in the Reflections on a Concept Map of Learning Theories ETEC 512 provided a rich review of learning theories that were covered in my undergrad degree in education.

Read Lauman's article and assess the quality of this review using the ETEC 500 Checklist for Analyzing a Literature Review. Write a short statement (250word maximum) analyzing the quality of this literature review and post it to the Discussion Forum (Module 3: Lesson 1 Literature Review). ETEC 500 is designed to familiarize students with practices and issues in educational research methodology and the course emphasised critical analysis of research in the Literature review etec 500.

Please click on the links to review my Research Proposal and Literature Review. Purpose and assessment of assignment: ETEC 500 is a core course which explores Assignment# 1: The Literature Review The Efficacy of Educational Technology in Reading Instruction.

Bob Esliger University of British Columbia ETEC 500 Description of Course: ETEC 500: Research Methodologies in Education This course introduces students to issues and practices in a range of educational research methodologies. Through interactive modules, students learn about and engage with research strategies to promote an understanding of how research impacts our lives ETEC 500 Research Methodologies comprised 6 modules that explored qualitative and quantitative approaches, and provided opportunities to evaluate, analyse and critique literature reviews and research.

There were the usual weekly discussion forums and the assignments comprised an article critique, a methodological critique and the I have a deep respect for anyone that is willing to wade through all of the literature in order to produce a literature review. While not nearly as extreme, I can empathize with my students who choose to start and stop their research process with Wikipedia, instead of exploring and analyzing the myriad perspectives and potential biases in other

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