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Below is an essay on" Indiscipline Among Students" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Essay On The Problem of Indiscipline Among Students They insult teachers. Indiscipline among students has become so rampart that people freely criticize them. Teachers accuse them for want of respect. Teachers accuse them for want of respect. Parents are dissatisfied with them because they do not get good marks in the examination and waste time in this and that.

Besides this, the various political parties make use of students for their own ends. For example, students were used as tools in Gujrat, Punjab, Assam and Bihar. Indeed, politics is the most important cause of student indiscipline today.

Oureducation does not suit many of the students. They do not find of any use. Following are some of the main causes of indiscipline in schools: (I) Problems Concerned with the System of Education: (a) Examinationoriented rather than learningoriented system of education with very little or no emphasis on seminars, tutorials, guided and discovery learning or projectwork. (b Essay on Student in Discipline Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

These problem occurs because of the discipline problem in schools is increase and cannot be control by teachers and they think only cane is the method that they can be used to fix the indiscipline problems among students. Conclusion: Hence, problem of indiscipline and unrest among students is a part of a much bigger problem viz. reconstruction of our countrys educational system.

The system need to be overhauled and made to suit the needs of the time and Indian conditions of To avoid indiscipline among students, it is the duty of parents, teachers and authorities to sit together and take some useful and appropriate actions in order to save them from getting spoiled. It is very easy. for students to go astray if The greatest cause of the indiscipline among students is our defective educational system, where too much stress is given only on the completion of the textbooks within allotted time.

As teachers are under pressure of completion of the text books they just stop to give moral education to their students. The indiscipline among the students is on the increase.

This is a fact borne out by daily happenings in schools and colleges. The newspapers are full of reports of unrest and indiscipline among students. It has become one of the serious problems being faced by the country.

Students go on strikes Indiscipline among Students Introduction: Nowadays people often discuss indiscipline among students. In fact, the problem of unrest and indiscipline among students is growing at an alarming proportion. the causes and effect of indiscipline among student in public secondary school: a case study of esan central local government area of edo state ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to investigate the causes and effects of indiscipline among secondary school students in Esan central Local Government Area of Edo State.

The problem of indiscipline is more apparent among secondary school students all over the world. Indiscipline among them has attracted serious attention of scholars and administrators. These scholars and administrators attributes to Essays; Problem of Indiscipline in School; Problem of Indiscipline in School.

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