How to write scripts in php

How to write PHP scripts, how to install and configure PHP PHP Tutorials: PHP Programming, PHP Installation and Configuration Tutorials and articles on PHP how to write your own PHP scripts, how to install and configure PHP on your own computer for testing your scripts, debugging PHP scripts, security issues when writing your PHP How do you write JavaScript code inside PHP? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 11 Answers. Parikshit Sanyal, Administered a hospital information system.

Do you mean inside dot PHP file, Start with script tag; Write your code; End the script tag; And whatever your php code; 5. 1k Views Answer requested by. Amit Saini. How can the answer be improved? PHP 5 File CreateWrite PHP Write to File fwrite() The fwrite() function is used to write to a file. The first parameter of fwrite() contains the name of the file to write to and the second parameter is the string to be written.

The example below writes a couple of names into a new file called" newfile. txt" : Writing Your First Script And Getting It To Work. To successfully write a shell script, you have to do three things: Write a script; Give the shell permission to execute it Notice the semicolon (; ) after the PHP code you need to put a semicolon after each line of code in your PHP scripts. The semicolon is optional if you're only writing one line of code, as in this example.

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