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Education related statistics coupled with Pakistans progress regarding education targets set in Vision 2030 and Pakistans lagging behind in achieving EFA targets and its Millennium Development Goals(MDGs) for education call for an analysis of the education system of Pakistan and to look into the issues and problems it is facing Education in Pakistan: Problems and their Solutions Dr.

Khalid Rashid Associate Prof, UMT, Lahore, Pakistan The very scale of Pakistans education sector more than 150, 000 public education institutions In Human development Report, Pakistan is placed at 136th position because its Campaign for Quality Education was to promote quality in education through effective advocacy, developing and popularizing innovative solutions to quality of education, and regular monitoring of the state of education in Pakistan.

Sir Michael Barber (2009) conducted a study to see the educational development in Pakistan. Education in Pakistan is overseen by the governments Ministry of Education and the provincial governments, whereas the federal government mostly assists in curriculum development, accreditation and in the financing of research. All academic education institutions are the responsibility of the provincial governments.

The federal government mostly assists in curriculum development, accreditation and some financing of research. The literacy rate ranges from 72. 38 in Islamabad to 10. 37 in the Musakhel District. Essay on education in Pakistan The education is delivery of knowledge, Skill and information from teachers to students. The proper definition is basically the process of becoming an educated person, but that begs the question of The importance of education in Pakistan Definition: The definition of education in common words, that education is the transfer of knowledge, skills and information from teachers to students.

What is education? ? Education is an important instrument in shaping destiny and good future of a person. Education is a ladder of progress. It is an While the government has made efforts to make science a part of national development, there have been criticisms of federal policies, such as the government's dissolution of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) an administrative body that supervised research in science in 2011.

The Education System In Pakistan Education Essay. By AMIR MUHAMMAD JAMAL KHAN. YEAR 0. Education plays an import role in the progress and development of a state. Progress of any country depends upon its literacy rate and quality of education in that country.

Therefore, it is the key priorities of nations. Present Scenario of Education in Pakistan The government of Pakistan recognized that education is the basic right of every citizen; therefore, access to education for every citizen is crucial for economic development and for poverty alleviation.

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