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How to turn your dissertation into journal articles or by writing a" big book" style thesis. Have you published several papers from the work in your dissertation? How did you organize this, and what advice would you like to share with me? Image CreditSource: Dissertations& Theses @ Dissertations& Theses @ is a service for ProQuests active university publishing partners.

The service provides a university's academic community with free access to citations and abstracts for graduate works from that university. And your dissertation may be the most logical place to start. Even if it's a small finding in a big field, your dissertation is probably a quality piece of work because it's been closely supervised by knowledgeable faculty, he notes.

Work by the thesisdissertation author which is published prior to thesisdissertation submission (or is shortly expected to be published) may be accepted as part of the thesisdissertation, provided the committee approves the work and the published material was written specifically to fulfill thesisdissertation requirements.

earlier work, since most of the prior work is likely to be collaborative. A third issue concerns copyright ownership of the prior work and the need to obtain permission to use it in the thesis or dissertation if the work was published and the copyright was transferred to a publisher or other entity. This Months MostAccessed Dissertations& Theses.

Have your institutions or your work made the list? Check out this months ProQuests MostAccessed Dissertations& Theses, based on PDF downloads across all subjects. Of course sometimes researchers come up with the same ideas simultaneously, or certain work is just not known as widely as it should be, so sometimes work gets innocently repeated (as compared to plagiarised,

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