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Indigenous natural gas is the largest source of energy supply in Pakistan contributing 27. 7 million TOEs (45. 4) in, followed by oil products, mainly imports, at 21. 3 million TOEs (34. 9), hydel power at 7. 5 million TOEs (12. 3), coal, mainly imports, at 3. 7 million TOEs (6. 1) and nuclear power at 0. 8 million TOEs (1. 3). IranPakistanIndia (IPI) Gas Pipeline is envisioned as harbinger of development and prosperity for South Asia. Often it is termed as Peace Pipeline as it could fulfill the energy requirements of energystarved economies of these developing countries.

Apr 10, 2013 Pakistan recently declared that it attaches 'priority' to the completion and implementation of the Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan India (TAPI) gas pipeline at a time when it is facing stiff diplomatic pressure from the US on finally giving the goahead to the IranPakistan (IP) pipeline.

1. Pakistan: Power Crisis Feared by 2007 1 2. Major Energy Crisis Feared 3 3. Pakistans Quest for Energy Security 4 4. Waste to Energy is Needed in Pakistan 7 5. Type of Energy 10 6. Thermal Energy 10 7. Hydel Energy 12 8. Wind Energy 13 9. Rising Oil Prices 15 10. Pakistan Coal Reserves be Explored 17 11. Pakistan Iran Agree on Gas Main threats to Pakistan: Balochistan and Wazirstan conflicts are posing threats to any economic project like IPI gas pipeline.

Negative role of India, US, Iran in this conflict ridden area. Kashmir is flash point, accelerating nuclear race in the South Asia. During the summer of 2003 the main gas supply pipeline to Arizona state was shut down for a few weeks due to severe damage.

During this time the supply of gas dropped considerably as suppliers was battling to meet the demand. ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan, Mehdi Honardoost, terming PakIran gas pipeline indispensable for China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPECs) energy needs and success, has revealed that they had over 400 years of gas resources available in Iran and Pakistan continues to be their most desired market.

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