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Essay. You will be given a list of topics dealing with various topics. While writing the LNAT essay, try to put forth brief, concise arguments. The wordlimit for the essay is 750 words. It would be good to keep the length to about 500 or 600 words. The essay is not marked along with the MCQs. Dec 02, 2018 LNAT Results 2018! watch. Announcements. Does anyone know when the LNAT results will be announced? Thanks in advance! What was your essay on? I think mine was on capital punishment a bit clich but the other essay questions were fairly poor 0.

Reply shakilaaa Follow; 0 followers; 1 badge LNAT scores are calculated from Section A of the LNAT, the multiple choice questions. This means your score is a total out of 42. The essay does not contribute to this score, and is instead sent to the university to show how you create a solid argument. LNAT multiple choice questions The first part of the LNAT test is made up of 42 multiplechoice questions lasting 95 minutes. There are three or four questions for 12 argumentative passages that test your reasoning skills.

LNAT draws from a wide variety of topics for its essay questions so we've designed 20 questions along with model answers for you to study and apply in practice Essays Simulator Our seamless essays application allows you to write up and submit your essay in the exact same manner as you will do in the LNAT LNAT 2016 Essay Question For Section B, you will be required to answer only one question out of three possible choices.

Your answer should be no longer than 750 words, and a standard essay should be between 500 to 600 words. Here are a few sample essay questions for you to think about. Remember that you get 40 minutes to write a maximum of 750 words ideally about words. We also have sample answers to some of these questions. During the essay section of the LNAT assessment, you will be given 3 questions in which you must choose one to write your essay on. These questions are usually based on current affairs, common debate topics, which allow you to voice your opinion and argue your reasoning using support, evidence and justifications.

LNAT Success Series: How to Answer the LNAT Questions LNAT Essay: Top 6 Tips Section B of the LNAT is made up of a choice of essay questions inviting you to form and present an argument.

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