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So, which resume fonts are best to use in resumes? For our purposes, let's divide fonts into 2 main categories: serif fonts and sansserif fonts. Serif Fonts. Serif Professional font resume just a word that translates to" tails" on the letters. For instance, Times New Roman, which is pictured below, a popular font in most word processing programs, is a serif font.

How can the answer be improved? Jun 12, 2015 Drawing upon Howie's recruiting expertise and tips from a typeface expert, we've composed a definitive list of the best fonts to use on your resume. Spoiler alert: The days of using Times News Roman have come to an end. Recruiters take six seconds to decide whether or not to toss your resume, so the right font makes a big difference. If a recruiter cant read your words, or is put off by a funky font, you wont even get a second look.

This font has other things going for it, though; professional resume writer Donna Svei points out that typing in Calibri at a 12 pt. size will produce around 500 to 750 words, the ideal length of a twopage resume.

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