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2 CDAAssessment Observation Instrument Instructions This CDA Assessment Observation Instrument is used by Advisors as part of the CDA Candidate Assessment procedure. Through its use, many of the more observable aspects of competence required of a CDA can be assessed. In addition to observation, Advisors may My ECE and CDA Professional Portfolio In this class, you will compile a professional portfolio demonstrating your knowledge and skills in the area of The following checklist appears in this portfolio: My CDA Professional Portfolio Cover Sheet A) Summary of My CDA Education coversheet followed by all completed, returned family questionnaires CS I, including paragraphs CS I a, CS I b, CS I c these items will be collected in a 3ring binder and will accompany this electronic portfolio Help for CDA Assembling the CDA Professional Portfolio, writing the Statements of Competence, preparing for the Verification Visit and the Professional Development Specialist.

Using the CDA Prep Guide, CDA Prep Workbook, and CDA Prep Binder. The CDA Professional Portfolio is a: Requirement for the national CDA Credentialing Process Collection of specific resource materials to help you in completed questionnaires Competency Statements Professional Philosophy Statement Professional Portfolio Resource Collection. 2 CDA Competency 1 CDA Requirements 2 Portfolio Components 3 Resource Collection& Competency Standards 4 Professional Philosophy Statement 5 Final Q& A.

To learn more about CDA 2. 0 The CDA is the only portable, reciprocal, competency based, national credential recognized in all 50 states, territories, the District of Columbia, community colleges and the United States military.

CDA Certification In Early Childhood Education Essay Sample. The thought of compiling a professional portfolio can seem very overwhelming.

Dont let it stress you out, though. Examples of Completed Portfolios. Virtual Portfolios; What a completed ePortfolio will look like. Here are two examples of digital submissions.

Here are two examples of what a finished portfolio may look like. " My CDA Portfolio Cover Sheet" The Tree of Life is an education that promotes life long learning. This process begins with Early Childhood. At that core of being human, we all are connected. The" human species" strength lies in the future of the children.

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