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Feb 22, 1985 Milk was a master at selfpromotion, and the movie includes vintage TV news footage showing him campaigning on such issues as" doggydo, " and stepping, with perfect timing, into a strategically placed pile of same at the climax of the interview. The movie Milk is based on the events that took place between Harvey Milks 40th birthday in 1970 and his death in 1978.

Milk was a gay activist who fought for gay rights and became the first elected official in California to be openly gay. Jan 08, 2009 Watch video Gus Van Sant's talent and humility allows Harvey Milk to be a the center of this remarkable story without putting himself in front of the camera. Sean Penn shines with a new and extraordinary light as Harvey Milk. Gus van Sant's celebratory portrait of pioneering gay activist Harvey Milk shows him earning his place in history, in 1977, by being elected to the San Francisco board of supervisors, the first Home Essays Movie Review Essay Milk.

Movie Review Essay Milk. Topics: George Moscone The film was very accurate in representing Harvey Milk correctly. In the movie, Milk was depicted as a very polite official who was determined to give hope to the gay community. While the film highlighted the last nine years of Milks life, it only Nov 24, 2008 " Milk" tells Harvey Milk's story as one of a transformed life, a victory for individual freedom over state persecution, and a political and social cause.

There is a remarkable shot near the end, showing a candlelight march reaching as Nov 26, 2008  Sean Penn, center, portrays Harvey Milk, the San Francisco city supervisor who was murdered in 1978.

Credit Bill BrayFocus Features. One of the first scenes in Milk is of a pickup in a If you don't know, Harvey Milk was the first openly gay elected official in the U. S.and a major player in the world of gay rights. I didn't see Sean Penn in this movie.

All I Film review Milk (2008) Harvey Milk (Sean Penn) Milk is a civil rights film about Harvey Milk, a prominent American gay rights activist in the 1970s who became the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California. The subject of Gus Van Sant's new movie is Harvey Milk, a 1970s liberal activist and the first major openly gay politician to be elected in the US.

Milk opens with footage of the 1969 Stonewall

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