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In general, employers do prefer to see hobbies and interests on resumes, but as Beth Kirch, Career Services Director at the University of Georgia Law School points out, " Don't put just any hobby or interest. If they're something like 'reading' or 'jogging, ' that is unlikely to help you most of the time. Jul 12, 2012  So I've read some about having an interests section on a resumehow common is that?

And what sort of interests are suitable for putting on there? There are plenty of smart and talented graduates coming out of law school you need to separate yourself from the crowd at every opportunity. Top. Gecko of Doom Interests Resume Advice& Samples; Resume Advice. Scholastic Activities: Include activities that best exemplify your skills and interests and the skills and interests that the potential employer will find useful.

These qualities may include leadership, speaking and writing ability, and teamwork. For example, many students choose to include law Key# 4 to a Great Law School Rsum: I dont care that youre good at MS Word Some people have been telling me Law school resume interests leave it off of my law school resume because they arent real jobs.

But I feel like it shows that I at least have some time management skills. New To LSAT Blog? How to Use This Blog; An Here's a before and after law school resume sample to point you in the right direction. It's easy to give general advice about how to make your law school rsum the best it can be. Craft a Law School Application That Gets You In: Sample Rsum Teardown. July 28, Jane expanded her personal interests section to be more specific and You omitted an awesome" Interests" section.

have excellent BS detectors. But, if you do have a deep abiding love for scuba photography, this is useful to share. Law school admissions officers are like everybody else in the world; they're attracted to passion. law school, law school resume. You must Log in or Sign Up to post comments. As you prepare your law school resume, here is a list of things you should and shouldn't do before you draft and send it. Killer Legal Resumes ActivitiesInterests (extracurricular activites, hobbies, interesting pursuits) Providing Substance to Your Resume During your three years in law school, build up your resume through the following: Participating in clinics and internship programs SKILLSINTERESTS.

Fluent in German, professional debate teams, cooking, writing, & tennis Sample Law School Admissions Resume. Law school resumes are similar to the ones used apply for a job, with a few noticeable differences. Keep in mind that your law school resume needs to be academic focused, with an audience of an admissions The following is a resume for a law student. The resume includes sections on education, work experience, and other interests and activities.

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