How to write a craft pattern

Many of us know our way around a crochet hook well enough to create simple projects on the fly, but get completely intimidated when it comes to recording How can the answer be improved? Aug 25, 2018  Break the craft procedure into simple steps. When you write a tutorial, follow these guidelines for creating procedure steps: Each step should involve only 1 action, such as, " Cut all the pattern pieces.

" Begin each step with an action verb (i. e. measure, draw, glue, etc. ). Number the steps of your craft tutorial so they are clearly For example, a pattern or tutorial is essentially systematizing the making of an item. The next day someone in one of my Facebook Groups was griping about tutorial posts; theyre the bread and butter of craft blogging but theyre really time intensive. How to Sell Craft Patterns Photograph each step along the way and take notes, so you can go back and write a complete pattern later.

You might want to include your photographs of each step, so make sure you take highquality photos in good lighting. Alternately, you might turn your photographs into digital sketches using a simple The pattern is checked to follow best practices and standards set by the Craft Yarn Council and such.

This is a step I know many do not take because it costs money. This is a step I know many do not take because it costs money. 8 Steps to Creating the Perfect Craft Tutorial for Your Blog 8 steps to creating the perfect craft tutorial Writing a tutorial is a great skill for any craft blogger. PATTERN DETAILS. Newlyupdated with expanded information on writing ePatterns. An additional 8 pages of information have been added.

Are you designing beautiful quilts and then trying to write a pattern for it and finding it impossible to keep your steps in order and your details on track? It is hard to learn to write a pattern using an analytical approach. I guess its like technical writing and thus my previous career in engineering must help.

You truly have to call on the left side of your creative brain in the process. You have to write down each and every little step. Pics and diagrams make a great difference. We are excited to kick off the series today with a chat on How to Write Sewing Patterns with our fun and informative panel of experts.

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