Should boxing be banned discursive essay sample

(Laurance 1) Likewise there are many doctors who agree that boxing should be banned due to the serious nature of the injuries. They believe that there is absolutely no safe level of boxing, that any hit or blow can contribute to complications of the brain and other main organs or even death.

Admittedly, boxing may be higher up the list than most, but it is by no means the worst. Last year, three men died as a result of injuries during a boxing match, whereas in show jumping, the fatality list was almost double that of boxing. This proves that the outcry from some quarters for a complete ban of boxing is outrageous and unprecedented.

Boxing should Should boxing be banned discursive essay sample be banned. Boxing is a show of might and strength. It is an entertaining game with many fans just like soccer and athletics. Despite its wide popularity, there have been claims in the recent past to have the game banned. The individuals in favor of banning boxing claim that boxing is a dangerous game meant to Should Boxing Be Banned? Essay In 1997, the injury rate predicted in the sport of boxing was 7, 257 injuries and 10.

8 of those injuries were estimated to have affected people between the ages of five and fourteen. 1. 3 of those injuries were predicted to be in the ages between zero and four, and 55. 8 of those injuries were in the group of Boxing is a controversial issue, which provokes a great deal of debate in society today; with the one argument for boxing to be made illegal and the other that boxing should be accepted as an everyday sport.

Boxing should be included in school as an extracurricular activity just like other sports since it makes a person fit, gives good mind control and anticipation beside a form of career. Boxing goes beyond its meaning of legalized approach and skills of attacking another person or defending oneself in a ring. Discursive Essay Should Boxing Be Baned Discursive Essay Should boxing be banned?

Boxing is a very popular sport for a lot of people and it Boxing is a sport that is adored by millions of people all over the world, it is a contact sport in which the fighting style is called MMA (mixed martial arts), Boxing includes two participants called fighters who battle it out in a series of rounds (12)until the opponent has been knocked out and cant stand straight for 10 seconds, if the Defining Boxing Essay examples Defining Boxing Money obsessed barbarism or a persecuted sport.

Boxing is one of the most controversial, In conclusion, boxing shouldnt be banned because it is the boxers choice, the boxing industry employs a lot of people and if the sport is banned it We will write a custom essay sample on Should Boxing Be Banned specifically for you For example, many people think boxing should be banned because it imposes danger to a bodys health, but I on the other hand do not think it should be banned at all, merely reformed in some rules and other components in boxing such as Discursive Essay Should boxing be banned?

Boxing is a very popular sport for a lot of people and it has a great outcome of publicity and entertainment. I am going to look in to a number of different points for and against boxing being banned.

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