Best way to write a travel journal

Your daily travel journal will inspire you. You can write down evocative foreign phrases or glue in a postcard or take notes about a song you've heard, each precious phrase bringing back a special moment in time. So what are the best travel journals? Not just any notebook will do, at least not for me. Scribbling in a cheap school exercise book may How can the answer be improved? How To Keep A Travel Journal (Even If Youre Not A Writer) Here are some tips for maintaining a travel journal: Dont try to write a novel.

If you are journaling the old school way, you might want to buy a nice highquality notebook to write in. Not all trips are created equal. I dont keep a journal for a quick weekend awayto get a journal, a trip has to be at least a week long. But every day should have an entry. Writing every day, even small details, will help you maintain your momentum.

Miss a few days and sometimes the practice of writing a journal can be lost for the entire trip so try to make a notation no matter how small. Aim for brilliance once in a while. Aug 01, 2006  How to Make a Travel Journal.

Travel is a time for growth, new experiences, and seeing more of the world. its best to jot down notes while youre traveling because it can be difficult to remember key details after the trip is over.

That doesnt mean you have to write diarystyle entries that cover everything you did on a How To Write Travel Journals: 5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Journaling You dont need to be traveling to Timbuktu to write a travel diary. Your writing can start with a family vacation or a weekend getaway.

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