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Use this Student Respiratory Therapist resume template to highlight your key skills, accomplishments, and work experiences. Saint Patricks, AK Student Respiratory Therapist Operated oxygen cylinders, humidifiers and resuscitators. Tended 15 patients on average each week. Followed all OSHA safety procedures.

Jun 01, 2017 Do you know what to include in your Entry Level Respiratory Therapist resume? View hundreds of Entry Level Respiratory Therapist resume examples to learn the best format, verbs, and fonts to use. Objective In quest of a challenging position as an Entry Level Respiratory Therapist where I can improve my skills and knowledge. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS.

B. S. in Nursing, 2010 Pima Medical Institute, Chula Vista, CA. GPA Score 3. 76 on a 4. 0 scale. Relevant Skills: Wide knowledge of disease management techniques. Sound Entry Level Respiratory Therapist Resume Objective As an Entry Level Respiratory Therapist, you are responsible for the respiratory care and wellbeing of each of your patients, both child and adult.

Three respiratory therapist resume format options are provided below which can be used as examples. EntryLevel Resume A respiratory therapist can Entry level respiratory therapy resume an entrylevel position so long as the candidate is licensed in the state in which they intend to practice and certified by the National Board of Respiratory Care.

License for Respiratory Therapy by Respiratory Care Board of California, 1994 As seen in the sample respiratory therapist resume given above, one must provide specific details about their professional career and any additional skill sets that they possess. Respiratory therapist is a well paid job and median annual income is more than 55K according to BLS. This job is growing 19 every year, more that average.

This job is growing 19 every year, more that average. Entry Level Respiratory Therapist Resume. For an entry level Respiratory Therapist resume, you have to drive more emphasis on your education, training, certifications and most of all your license if you have one.

If you dont have a Respiratory Therapist license, it will be harder for you to find a clinic or hospital willing to take a chance on Respiratory Therapists assist patients with pulmonary function disorders and administer respiratory therapies. The average resume sample for this position lists duties such as helping patients complete treatment plans, administering inhalants, operating ventilators, offering advice on breathing exercises, and monitoring patient progress.

Respiratory Therapist Worked in ICU, SICU, ER with some NICU experience and pediatrics Performed general floor therapy, including HHN, MDI, CPT, pulse oximetry, incentive spirometry, evaluation of pt. records, cool mist tent set ups, apnea monitoring, EKG monitoring and interpretation, oxygen therapy, CPAP and BiPAP therapy, set

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