Quoting a bible verse in an essay

However, specific published editions should be italicized, for example" The King James Bible" would not be italicized, but" The NIV Study Bible" would be. In parenthetical citations, those that occur immediately following a direct quote from the work, the titles of the books in the bible are often abbreviated.

When Quoting from the Bible in Academic Papers for Columbia Evangelical Seminary The first time you use a reference from the Bible, you place a footnote with it. The vital information for first citation is Bible version, book, chapter and verse.

Include the full name of the translation, such as the New King James Version, the New International Version, the Living Bible or the New American Standard Bible. Italicize the name of the Bible version and place a comma after it.

Citing A Bible Scripture In An Essay. The Bible is a popular resource for many research papers. The three main methods of reference citation include Modern Language Association, American Psychological Association, and Chicago Style. How To Cite Bible Verse In An Essay. Writers find it easy to quote bible scriptures in an essay compares to quoting any book.

There is no any set rule when making bible quotation in an essay. Set verse quotations of more than three lines as block quotations: start a new line and set each line one inch in from the left margin, adding no quotation marks not appearing in the original. The parenthetical reference for a block quotation follows the With MLA style, you need to cite the Bible two ways: in the text of your paper, and on your Works Cited page.

In Text The first time you include a quote from the Bible, you need to include the translation, chapter (abbreviated), book, and verse, like this: In parethetical references, the titles of the books of the Bible are often abbreviated. Click here to see the list of common abbreviations for books of the Bible found in the MLA Handbook.

; Example: (2 Cor. 5. 17). A period separates chapter and verse. The first time you refer to a particular version of the Bible, state the first element in that works Oct 20, 2007 Best Answer: Usually it is handled as a regular quote, then in parentheses at the end of the quote you would put the book, chapter, verse with abbreviation for the version the quote is taken from.

Ex: " In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. " (Gen. 1: 1, KJV) In your bibliography you can list Starting an essay with a bible verse. ? Mimanchi Registered User Posts: 112 Junior Member.

December 2008 edited December 2008 in College Essays. Third, you can refer to the quote within the essay, if it is so central. Really, your essay should be more focused on your life as a student.

Not as a religious student.

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