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The extended essay is an independent research project on a topic chosen by the student working in collaboration with their supervisor. The extended essay puts forward a wellreasoned argument in relation to a research question. Nov 07, 2014  I was ITGS HL student last year, I can recommend you don't stress about an essay topic too much, you can talk about ewaste focusing in one section like for example your school or class and can do some statistics about it and explain it, or maybe about drones, social media.

I could give you advices if you tell me what are ITGS Textbook. Information Technology in a Global Society is a textbook for the IB Diploma ITGS course, by Stuart Gray. This site Itgs extended essay about architecture resources for ITGS teachers and students, including a sample chapter, exercises, lesson ideas, and further reading.

Extended Essay in Itgs. 1 January 2017. Security; Video surveillance has been chosen by most of the schools for protecting their school as it has proven to be a very efficient method of supervision.

Here, in Indus International School two cameras have been installed and are operated around the clock. I discussed about video surveillance at Jul 26, 2006  ITGS Extended Essay watch.

Announcements. How to stay safe online and on The Student Room. such as questionnaires. If I focus more on Music Media industry, would it be more of an economical issue rather than ITGS? Hmmso should i edit the last question a bit? erm taht sounds more like a philosophy essay then ICT ITGS Extended Essays require you to perform primary research.

Unfortunately this means that several topics are not feasible here in El Salvador. The primary research must involve genuine stakeholders who are experts in the topic area, which interviewing friends or family just because they are convenient is a poor approach. An ITGS extended essay should examine how an IT system or systems has affected people in positive andor negative ways, with particular reference to the underlying technology.

An extended essay in ITGS offers an opportunity to undertake research into an ITrelated topic in an area of personal interest to the student. Civil Disobedience Extended Definition Essay.

Michael D. Tiong ENGLCOM C38B Thesis Statement: Civil Disobedience, though often taken as a refusal to obey governmental instruction, was in fact an appropriate gesture of the people during the People Power Revolution because the people demonstrated democratic action Jul 11, 2018 It is the time of year again when we start thinking about writing Extended Essays.

The blog post Thinking of Writing an ITGS Extended Essay? explains some of the things to consider when deciding whether or not to write an ITGS extended essay. This post is going to focus on topics that are suitable for an ITGS EE.

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