Literature review of maternal mortality

While the main causes of maternal mortality in low and middle income countries are well understood, less is known about whether patterns for causes of maternal deaths among adolescents are the same as for older women.

This study systematically reviews the literature on cause of maternal death in adolescence. A prerequisite for monitoring the progress towards attainment of these goals is accurate assessment of the levels of mortality and morbidity. In order to contribute to mapping the global burden of reproductive illhealth, we are conducting a systematic review of incidence and prevalence of maternal mortality and morbidity.

Trends in maternal mortality: 1990 to 2010 WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA and The World Bank estimates The World Bank In an effort to address the issue of maternal mortality with cesarean delivery, we reviewed the literature addressing this subject.

Given the paucity of publications differentiating between elective and nonelective cesarean deliveries, we have included publications comparing cesarean delivery for any indication with vaginal delivery.

mortality and morbidity rates by using different birth weight percentile thresholds and whether these effects differ by the cause of the preterm birth. The mortality rate was significantly higher for infants with birth weights 25th percentile when compared with the 50th to 74th percentile (adjusted odds ratio: 3.

98; CI ). washington state department of health maternal mortality review. 11. 1. maternal mortality. maternal mortality literature review 5 Inconsistent obstetric practiceincreasing number of women who present at antenatal clinics with chronic conditionsthe lack of good data and related analysis (Agrawal, 2015). Although maternal mortality ratios remain elevated in many areas, the maternal mortality ratio has decreased by 1.

3 percent per year globally since 1990, with the greatest annualized rate of reduction in developed countries (3. 1 percent versus 1. 4 percent in developing countries).

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