Blue collar resume qualification examples

Those entering a career in law or education are taught to take care in preparing their resume, but according to" Blue Collar Resumes" author Steven Provenzano, correct grammar and spelling are vital for blue collar resumes.

No matter what job you are applying for, your resume should be a wellwritten record of your accomplishments. Sample Resume for Blue Collar Jobs Purpose: Example of a resume written for an automotive technicianmechanic Quick Resume Writing Tip: This sample resume illustrates a technique that you can use when your background includes many positions in which you did the same or a similar type of work.

The first section of your resume should pack the strongest punch. Steven Provenzano, president of Streamwood, Illinoisbased Top Secret Resumes and author of Blue Collar Resumes, recommends leading with a resume objective also sometimes called a career summary or career profile that emphasizes key skills. Although bluecollar jobs do not require a bachelors degree, you must receive formal training and apprenticeships to qualify for highly skilled occupations.

Be sure to list and describe any skill training, apprenticeship, certification, or licensure you have received on your resume or online application and mention it in interviews. Blue Collar Resume Templates Free resume templates for jobs in various trades and specialties. 20 Blue Collar jobs with sample resumes for free download: Auto Mechanic, Cosmetologist, Warehouse Worker, Electrician, Carpenter, Truck Driver, Machine Parts Assembler, Construction Equipment Driver, Construction Worker, Restaurant Worker, Certifications will make you a leading candidate for many bluecollar jobs.

Employers don't want to spend money training new hires. If you already have certification showing that you can do the job, be sure to include it on your rsum.

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