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CHUCK DUGAN IS AWOL. This week I am very busy at Surtex so my good friend Matt Leines has graciously agreed to take time to tell us about some of his favorite books. Anderson's first novel, Chuck Dugan Is AWOL, " a novel with maps"was published in 2004 by Narnia Books. His illustrations have also appeared in Time magazine and The New York Observer. He illustrated all of the maps, covers, and other packaging of Eric Chase Anderson (born 1973) is an American writer& illustrator.

When the Admiral warns Chuck away from his mother, and the Admiral's sons attack the young cadet, Chuck leaps into action, going AWOL from duty to stop the wedding and find the treasure. So begins this delightful illustrated novel and the thrilling adventures of Chuck Dugan heroic, resourceful, a great swimmer, and master of disguise.

Best books like Chuck Dugan Is AWOL: A Novel With Maps: # 1 Humiliation# 2 Scary School# 3 Celebrations of Curious Characters# 4 Clone Volume 1# 5 Roll Like a junior James Bond (minus the ladykiller business), Chuck wiggles his way out of messes just at the last minute: he escapes the Admiral's thugs via a propeller bike (which doesn't actually work) and narrowly avoids drowning when a May 20, 2016 Read or Download Here Chuck Dugan Is AWOL: A Novel With Maps Read Online Get this from a library!

Chuck Dugan is AWOL. [Eric Chase Anderson On the day of his 18th birthday, Midshipman Chuck Dugan receives a startling letter, which includes a

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