Physics coursework ideas

I was wondering it anyone could give me any ideas. I have got to come up with an experiement that's got to include physics principles. i wanted to do something either anime or gaming relateded but I've tried nothing and Am all out of ideas.

physics coursework trolley experiment Bris rite case could hinge on mohels First Amendment rights and procedures degree of risk. In the society of the misconscription that a2 physics coursework ideas could be open. Feb 01, 2006 I need ideas for a physics project. The teacher said that we could do anything, so long as we can get hold of the equipment for it. I basically need to answer a question or have some kind of title which I could investigate, for example, drag forces on different shape objects, variation of This blog post offers 16 detailed ideas for the IB Physics IA aimed to help both IB teachers and students through the IB internal assessment.

Mar 10, 2007 Coursework ideas? ? Hi everyone, For my AS physics coursework we have been given some data for a vertically bouncing ball (i. e. distance and time) and I was wondering if anyone could think of anything remotely interesting to do with it?

? Thanks in advance Physics coursework requires four skills from students i. e. planning, implementation, analysis and evaluation. Whether it is a GCSE physics coursework, a level physics coursework, A2 physics coursework or AS physics coursework, students have to utilize the preceding 4 skills.

Because physics is the science that underlies all the other sciences and modern technologies, physics is the liberal arts of science in that it provides the broadest possible exposure to technical knowledge.

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