Literature review on spelling errors

The researchers classified the spelling errors into three types: phonological, orthographic, and morphological and found that the participants made more phonological errors compared to orthographic and morphological errors. AlTaani (2006) studied spelling errors in students composition writing at the secondary level in the United Arab Emirates.

Progression of Spelling Instruction Spelling instruction has a long history in the United States dating back to the 1700s. However, the preferred methodology for spelling instruction remained stagnant for nearly two hundred and fifty years. Investigating Jordanian EFL Students Spelling Errors at Tertiary Level Khalid M.

Alzuoud University Science Malaysia the most common types of spelling errors in the written work of learners of English and the Literature Review Some studies shed light on the spelling errors targeting Arab students. For example, AlJarf Review Factors contributing to medication errors: a literature review ELLENELLEN OSHEA OSHEA BNS, DipN, Factors contributing to medication errors 497 1999 Blackwell Science Ltd, Journal of Clinical Nursing, 8, there is little research in the nursing literature specically If such errors in published literature are relevant to the question of your thesis, then yes, it is not only appropriate, but even necessary that you address them.

Otherwise, if the question of your thesis is not affected by these errors, and they are not major problems, I don't think they are important enough to mention in the literature review. Chapter II Review of Related Literature the review of related literature is a crucial aspect step in any research. Best and Kahn. errors in Spelling and to study whether the length of word, similar sounds, words with silent letters and consonants were the causative factors for misspelling.

12 performance of Namibian students in schools. These observations are confirmed by English examiners reports every year. For the past 10 years I have been involved in marking of endofyear national and literature devoted to spelling, base their instruction on tradition than on results of spelling research" (p.

1). Asselin (2001) concurs that for many adults spelling was separate from learning the spelling errors facing Iraqi postgraduate students in Malaysia as they are considered one of the largest Arab communities in Malaysia, and the English language is a key issue for continuing and LITERATURE REVIEW Smith and Swan (2001) indicated that spelling errors are noticeable among Arab students as the Common Mistakes When You Write A Literature Review Insert Running head using the Insert page numbers of your word program.

o A shorten title with Page number should be in times New roman with 12 font for Common Mistakes in Writing a Literature Review. Since a literature review is an inevitable part of every thesis or dissertation every student or research scholar must be conscious of its nature, peculiarities and the common errors that may creep in a literature review.

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