How to write a lilo config file

Feb 02, 2005 How to install lilo manually. Hiya Ppl make a etclilo. conf and write in the stuff u need and want, then type sbinlilo and everythin is fine mount your root device and edit the file etclilo.

conf (when nonexisting it will be created) and write the stuff ya want if u want to use vi type i for insert mode, then fill the etclilo installbootboot. b Instructs LILO to install the specified file as the new boot sector. In normal use, this should not be altered. In normal use, this should not be altered. If the install line is missing, LILO assumes a default of bootboot.

b as the file to be used. Dec 04, 2003  Note: if you do make changes to lilo. conf, you need to run the lilo program in order for them to take effect. Run: sbinlilo after you've saved your changes. They are cached, in hashed form, in a companion file to the configfile, default name: etclilo.

conf. crc. If the configfile is updated, a warning message will be issued telling you to rerun lilo p to force recreation of the password cache file. What is LILO?

LILO is the LInux LOader, the most popular boot loader for Linux. (For some background on boot loaders, see Choosing a Boot Loader) It is used to load Linux into memory and start the operating system. On a machine with multiple operating systems, LILO can be configured to boot the other systems as well.

There can be up to 16 images mentioned in lilo. conf. As can be seen above, a configuration file starts with a number of global options (the top 6 lines in the example), followed by descriptions of the options for the various images. After creating the new configuration file you must execute 'sbinlilo liloconfig use the lilo.

example. conf file as template. In the final lilo. conf file you find many useful comments for custom changes.

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