Philippines culture essay paper

In the Philippines, you take care of your relatives when they age. Here, there is the concept of retirement homes. The Philippine culture also is very conservative, while the American culture tends to lean on the more liberal side.

When you address others in the Philippine culture, you show your respect on where you stand. Comparing American and Philippine Culture The Spanish American War ended on December 10, 1898 with the Peace Philippines culture essay paper of Paris being signed which granted the United States Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines (Schaefer 33).

Due to this, the Philippines culture shares many commonalities with American Culture. Essay Comparing Between Thai Culture and Other Culture Comparing between Thai culture and other culture Both Thailand and China are Asian countries with great long history, and therefore they share very similar cultures concerns for family relations, attention to its social hierarchy which may have contributed by their geographic, The Philippines is considered to be one of the most westernized countries in Asia.

It has strong ties to the United States and the United Nations. In fact, It is the only charter member of the U. N. in all of Southeast Asia. The United States has a very close relationship with the economy and culture of the Philippines. The paper will look at the robust culture of the Filipinos from different angles as outlined.

A The national identity of the Filipinos comes out visibly in the cultural sophistication and diversity that is common among the population in Philippines.

One of the cultures that this paper investigates is the Philippine Culture. II. Discussion The Filipinos of the last quarter of the twentieth century are the sum total of the social strains and cultural elements that are Aeta, Indonesian, Malaysian, Hindu, Arabian, Chinese, Spanish, Americans; in short, the Filipinos are cosmopolitan in nature. SEEDS OF THE PHILIPPINE CULTURE The" Pearl of the Orient Seas"more famously known as the Island Philippines, has its share of rich and colorful history and cultural background, which dates back to as early as 100 million years.

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