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SPM ESSAY WRITING LANGUAGE ASPECTS DETAILS vandalism public telephones not working When writing the letter, you should remember to: Documents Similar To Writing Skills (Directed Writing) Bahasa Inggeris Program Kecemerlangan.

Uploaded by. MOhd Hisyam. Techniques of Answering SPM. According to the DirectGov (n. d), the effects of the vandalism is costs you money which is you need Vandalism essay spm money pay for vandalism repair through higher taxes and insurance payments. Next problem is teenagers tend to follow their friends behaviour. Open Essay or Oneword Essay VANDALISM Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to the honourable judges, the ever trustworthy Vandalism is a problem that gets to everyone in some form or another.

It can affect your family, friends, property, community, and your pocketbook. The more you know about vandalism, the more you can make it a crime that is more trouble than it's worth.

To sum up my point towards the causes and effect of Vandalism, first Vandalism is any act that is done by an individual or group of people that purposely know and understand that their act inflict damage to others property whether it be privately owned or publicly. Vandalism Essay Each city struggle with the problem of vandalism. A large part of public funding is spent to repair the damages caused by vandals, instead on new investments that would improve the comfort of the residents of the city.

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