How to write a magical realism story

While magical realism situates readers in a predominantly realistic world, fantasy takes place in an unreal world with unreal characters. J. R. R. Tolkiens The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a popular example of fantasy. The second type, which we shall call catalyst Magical Realism, where there is one major magical thing that serves as the catalyst for the story or for a story turning point or climax, such as turning invisible or a child turning into an adult overnight (), in which case the characters will react to this as abnormal, and it will effect the characters and plot ELEMENTS OF MAGICAL REALISM.

To convey this, magical realist writers write the ordinary as miraculous and the miraculous as ordinary. Now lets move on to discussing the individual elements that combine to make a story Magical Realism. Setting. Place is a key component here. Stories with Magical Realism can 18 Responses to Writing Magical Realism Athena Baker January 6, 2017 at 8: 31 pm# Ill admit the first time I ever heard of magical realism was when I submitted my first short story to my Intro.

to Fiction class, which was about three years ago. Sep 08, 2018 If you want to write a good story, though, planning and drafts will take you a long way. Try to let your imagination flow free, then edit out any parts you are not happy with. Thanks! Magical realism is set in the everyday world, so you should choose a setting for your story that is based on an actual location.

You should not create a new world for your story. If you want to create your own town or place, it should be modeled after a real place, with buildings and people that you might find elsewhere.

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